Why is THC So Bad for Dogs?

A lot of dog owners are aware that some “people food,” such as chocolate, macadamia nuts, almonds and ice cream are unhealthy or even dangerous for their furry friends to consume. But, how many know about the dangers of dogs ingesting or inhaling marijuana, specifically THC? Now that marijuana is legal or decriminalized for health or recreational purposes in many states, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is more accessible to dogs or other pets in various forms such as edibles.

While THC helps many humans with various conditions including nausea, anxiety, insomnia or pain, dogs react much differently according to Dr. Robert Silver, DVM, founder and medical director of Well-Pet Dispensary, based in Colorado.

“The fact is that dogs are extremely sensitive to the adverse effects of THC on their nervous systems. For some unknown reason, dogs have an abundance of THC receptors (technically known as Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 (CBR1) in their cerebellum and hindbrain,” explains Dr. Silver.

Cannabinoid Receptors of the Dog

These parts of the brain govern balance, thermoregulation, heart, and respiration rate as well. No human has ever died from an overdose of THC, but there are reports of dogs dying after being given huge amounts of THC, and especially when the THC is in an edible containing chocolate, which is also toxic to dogs.”

As a national expert on cannabis and hemp products for dogs and other pets, Dr. Silver discusses what pet owners using cannabis products containing THC should be wary of around their dogs and why hemp for dogs such as hemp products available at Doc’s Hemp, which contain  little or no THC, is a much better choice.

Watch Dr. Silver’s YouTube presentation here.

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