Industrial Hemp vs Consumable Hemp

 Lancaster Farming recently featured Dr. Joyce Harman on its Industrial Hemp Podcast discussing her pioneering work for more than 30 years with hemp for horses, especially hemp oils, as a health and dietary horse supplement at Harmany Equine Clinic in Flint Hill, Virginia.

“Hemp is just the coolest plant because its got so many nutritional benefits to it,” notes Dr. Harman, a holistic veterinarian who has added hemp oil to horse feed for many years for the nutritional value of omega-3 fatty acids and much more.

Dr. Harman discusses how hemp for horses has many untapped cosmetic and health benefits from a shinier coat to support for skin diseases and the immune system. Industrial hemp, like the products offered at Doc’s Hemp, can now be legally grown in the United States and that has opened many doors for this amazing plant, especially hemp for horses.

To learn more, listen to Dr. Joyce Harman’s interview here.

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