What Gives Hemp/CBD that Aroma?

Written by Maryanna Phinn

As you research CBD oil for horses or hemp for horses, you will often come across “terpenes” in product descriptions and ingredients. What are terpenes and why are they so important to CBD and hemp products such as what we offer at Doc’s Hemp?

Terpenes are naturally occurring organic compounds or hydrocarbons found in many plants, flowers, herbs, trees and fruits. When you smell that beautiful bouquet of roses or those clean citrus scents of lemons and oranges or that strong aroma of pine trees, you’re actually smelling – and tasting – terpenes.  They are used in common household products, perfumes, cosmetics and additives to foods and liquids for thousands of years.

An estimated 20,000 terpenes exist in nature and have numerous purposes such as encouraging pollination or to repel insects or animal predators. Cannabinoids such as CBD for horses are found in hemp plants that are also particularly rich with terpenes along with the plant’s essential oils and resins. They provide the distinctive smells and tastes that we use in hemp-derived CBD oil for horses or CBD horse or dog treats.  Terpenes are extremely important for the benefits of the “entourage effect” which means all parts of the plant work together synergistically or in cohesion to achieve the maximum benefit for your horse or dog’s health and wellness.  The entourage effect occurs when all parts of the hemp plant including terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids are still present after the extraction process and production of CBD from hemp.

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