Is CBD Useful for Laminitis?

Education is Key to CBD for Horses with Laminitis

By Maryanna Phinn

Laminitis is a common disease of the equine hoof but it is often challenging to effectively prevent and treat in all horses, donkeys, mules, ponies and other breeds.  There is not a “one size fits all” solution to laminitis.  This is an extremely important point for anyone searching for answers on how to treat a horse with laminitis.  A combination of approaches, including the emerging use of CBD for horses with laminitis, needs to be considered on a case by case basis.

CBD horse products derived from hemp, similar to products available at Doc’s Hemp, can be a useful tool to supplement other holistic methods and traditional medicine. As this disease is common but frequently frustrating to manage, the best approach is to become thoroughly educated on it from all perspectives and be proactive in identifying problems at the subclinical or early stages before the onset of acute or chronic problems.

Research on CBD for horses is extremely limited because hemp was illegal to grow in the United States until it became legal under the Farm Bill of 2018. But, CBD derived from hemp is known to have many excellent benefits that may be applicable to address symptoms related to laminitis. While laminitis is actually inflammation of the lamina of the hoof that causes pain and tenderness in your horse’s feet, the problem usually is systemic or found elsewhere in the body or as a result of dietary problems or related to your horse’s environment.

For example, CBD is known to help maintain a normal inflammatory response in horses. It may help ease the aches and pain of lameness your horse is experiencing. It may help with the discomfort in the feet, but more research needs to be done, since not all horses find help with the discomfort. The rest of the horse’s body (back, hips, hindquarters) often become stiff when laminitis is present. CBD powder can support all parts of the body experiencing stiffness or tightness.

Your horse’s diet plays a major role with laminitis especially overeating grain high in sugar and starch or overindulging in lush forage. CBD powder and pellets have been shown to be effective as a digestive aid and help support proper digestion and bowel health. A horse’s endocannabinoid system when interacting with CBD can also improve digestive health. Stress and anxiety can contribute to problems with laminitis. CBD helps maintain calmness such as during separation, travel or unplanned interruptions to your horse’s daily routine. These are just a few examples of signs and symptoms associated with laminitis that CBD may help support or alleviate.

At Doc’s Hemp, we routinely produce or contribute educational podcasts, blogs and articles to address the many questions and concerns horse owners have about CBD-derived from hemp for laminitis or other common problems or behaviors.  Here are just a few links to recent work:

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Again, as a horse owner, it is best to spend time learning about this common but difficult disease and learn how CBD may provide an extra layer of support to your horse that’s experiencing problems with laminitis.

For more information, visit Doc’s Hemp or Harmany Equine Clinic.




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