Doc's Hemp's Commitment to you and your pets!

Luckily today, hemp prices are coming down…especially with the CBD oils…and great news, Doc’s Hemp will be reducing prices this March!!!   

Not so great news, our powder supply is low and is more and more difficult to come by.   In some states, hemp farmers are shifting to THC based hemp products where, believe it or not, there are often less government restrictions on them than for CBD based products where the THC level is strictly set. THC products can be more lucrative for the farmers which is affecting our our source, Vermont farmers. 

BUT we are not giving up!  And that's why are we sharing this information with you…full transparency.  CBD hemp products were and are like the wild wild west. There are no standards of quality other than those ethics from individual companies who do the right thing. We at Docs Hemp have worked hard to keep our standards with the top of the industry, testing our products, working with the National Animal Supplement Council and lawyers to make sure we are always on the up and up for you and your animals.

Over the last few years, many CBD companies, small and large, have gone under.  We are keeping to our “honest” plan to continue giving you the clean, safe, USDA certified organic product we have always given you.  Because of the times however, we are currently struggling to find new farms and processors to work with that uphold our standards. Many companies are working on a backlog of raw material and do not have what we need.

We are in talks with several companies on the West coast, finding the best fit for Doc’s Hemp powders. Our oil supply is excellent and it is much easier to obtain the lower prices. Our powders may be delayed a month or two while we finalize details. 

We are asking you to be patient with us, while we work the kinks out.  To make sure you and your animals are covered, we have been able to reduce the oil prices ... AND are adding an additional 30% discount for the month of March to keep you supplied with the CBD your animals need. USE CODE: OILS24

Oils? If you have been using the powder, but need to resupply before we have our new batch, the oils contain the same quality CBD you are accustomed to.  Please give them a try!  Some animals like the oils better, sometimes they respond to the oils a little better, and much of the time they will work exactly the same.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

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