Broad Spectrum Vs Full Spectrum Hemp and CBD Isolate for your Horses and Dogs

Written by Maryanna Phinn

As you research hemp and CBD supplements and read the ingredients on labels for CBD powder versus pellets or other products, the description frequently mentions if the final product comes from full spectrum hemp or broad spectrum hemp.  You may also come across hemp products that are described as CBD isolate.

What do they mean? Should you buy one type versus another for your horse? Usually, it depends on personal choice and what you’re seeking to achieve for your horse’s health and wellness.

It is important to note from the outset that hemp plants have more than 100 cannabinoids other than CBD and a minimal amount of THC. While CBD and THC are the most well-known cannabinoids, many of the other cannabinoids found in hemp plants have numerous benefits to health and wellness for horses, dogs and other pets.

What Is Full Spectrum Hemp?

Full spectrum hemp means the naturally occurring compounds from the entire hemp plant are used in the extraction process. These include terpenes that provide scents and flavor, essential amino acids and flavonoids which are antioxidants that give plants color or pigmentation. It also includes CBD and all other cannabinoids found in the plant including THC, although in trace or almost undetectable amounts of less than 0.3%.

Doc’s Hemp uses broad spectrum hemp and the supercritical CO2 extraction method to obtain pure CBD and other cannabinoids, oil and nutrients exclusively from the whole hemp plant with no additional fillers.  You can read about the CO2 extraction process here.

Doc’s Hemp Powder has ingredients that are straightforward extracted from the full spectrum hemp plant. The hemp meal contains 20% plant protein, 30% fiber, CBD, Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), terpenes, flavonoids and essential amino acids. The powder has flavor a mild flavor and is tolerated well by most horses.


Why is Broad Spectrum Different than Full Spectrum Hemp?

Broad spectrum hemp has one major difference than full spectrum – it is completely without THC. Broad spectrum requires additional refinement during the production process to extract the THC. The primary reason someone may prefer broad spectrum hemp to full spectrum is that there is zero chance THC may show up on a drug test.

Hemp works best when all of its organic compounds -- cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and amino acids, work together synergistically or as a team to achieve maximum benefits. This is often referred to as the “entourage effect.” While broad spectrum hemp products can also have the entourage effect, the elimination of THC, even at trace amounts, can dilute its entourage effect.

CBD Isolates

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD extract with no intermingling of other cannabinoids, terpenes or nutritional compounds found in the hemp plant. The highest quality CBD isolate should be composed of 99% or more CBD.

CBD isolates eliminate the ability of hemp’s other natural compounds to work together with CBD because they are completely removed from the final product.

Do Your Homework

Whatever you decide to purchase, do your homework and make sure the products, like those available at Doc’s Hemp, meet your horse’s health needs. Also make certain the final product is verifiably third-party tested, has a certificate of analysis and uses the highest quality consumable hemp plant, preferably grown sustainably in the United States that are free of toxins, chemical fertilizers, heavy metals and pesticides.


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